Rahu Arta Mandiri

Together We Go Above and Beyond

DGCA AMO NO. 145D/899.

To be a leader in Aircraft Interior and Exterior Maintenance solutions in the aviation industry by empowering a mutually beneficial collaborative approach.

Our Services

Aircraft Interior

Comfortable flight is your concern, it is our job to keep your aircraft cabin clean, luxurious, well-maintained, and our expertise is working on it from transit to refurbishment.


  • In-transit
  • Daily
  • Basic
  • Deep
  • Polishing

Laminating & Bonding

  • Sidewall
  • Luggage Bin
  • Galey
  • Lavatory Wall

Repair & Refurbishment

  • Structure and plastic repair
  • Painting
  • Laminating


  • Cabin
  • Component

Aircraft Flooring

  • Floor Carpet Replacement
  • Floor Repair or Replacement
  • Floor Covering
  • Floor Retouch

Sewing Fabrication

  • Seat Cover (fabric and leather)
  • Carpet and Curtain
  • Head Rest Cover
  • Cockpit Cover
  • Life Vest Pouch

Aircraft Exterior

A clean and shiny plane makes passenger feel safe to fly. Only we can do it at an economical cost.


  • Wet Cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Deep Cleaning


  • Livery
  • Touch up
  • Full Aircraft Painting (with sanding or stripping)

Others Specialized Services

Even the smallest things still get our attention, to ensure you can provide excellent service. Trust us to handle it.


  • Seat Cover
  • Carpet
  • Curtain
  • Head cover

Placard & Marking

  • Interior Placard
  • Exterior Placard
  • Other Placard

Our Products

Rahu Arta Mandiri is ready to help make the custom products you need, especially for aircraft cabins, training aids, souvenirs, safety and protection items, special tools, and test benches.

Cabin Mock-Up

Customized Cabin Mockup for; flight attendant training, education, recreation, and restaurant.

Cover and Safety Flag

Cover, Pitot Static Cover, Float Cover, “Remove Before Flight Flag, Propeller Bend, Blades Bend.

We’ll Find You The Perfect Space

Experienced and specialized with aircraft cabin and interior work. You’ll never find other works as we did. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!


Certified and quality approved by authorized directorate

  1. AMO Certificate
  2. Operation Specification
  3. Akzo Nobel Support Letter
  4. Approved Vendor of AirAsia


  • Office
  • Operation Office
  • Workshop

Worldwide Customers and Networks

Our loyal customers prove our quality

Supported with a global and worldwide network, in touch with recognized vendors and suppliers

Our Top Team


President Commisioner

Mr. Setiono, S.Si

A business owner in the construction and MRO Industry specialized in cabin overhaul and repair, aircraft painting, cabin parts trading for more than 15 years.

Have a good network and relationship with domestic to international commercial flight and private jet stakeholders as well.


Mr. Pahala Pardede

A professional Aviation and MRO Industry with more than 25 years of experience.

Graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology-Indonesia (Aeronautical Engineering Degree) and NSW-Australia (Master Degree in Business and Technology).

Starting professional career in aviation as an Engineer at Garuda Indonesia (1995-2002), GMF Aero Asia as VP of Business Strategy (2014-2016) and Chief of Joint Operation GMF (2017-2021).


President Director

Mr. Suryadi Santoso

A business owner in MRO Industry specialized in aircraft painting, cabin refurbishment and modification, and trading for more than 10 years.

Having a good network and relationship with the military, government, and commercial stakeholders.

Interested in capitalizing the potential drone market in Indonesia (commercial and military sector).


Mr. Moh. Sakur

A professional Aviation and MRO Industry with more than 28 years of experience.

Have a complete professional career in aviation industry starting from commercial flight with PT. Merpati Nusantara Airlines (1994-2007) MRO with Merpati Maintenance Facility (2007-2014), charter flight with PT. Pegasus Air Services (2014-2019), private jet with PT. Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park
(2019-2021), and Indonesia CSF Bell Textron Helicopter PT. Kalimasada Pusaka (2021-2022).

A business owner in a software house specializing in an aviation software system for MRO and airlines.


Thank you kind attention to Rahu Arta Mandiri.  We appreciate all questions about Rahu Arta Mandiri, for us, those are an intention to know more about Rahu Arta Mandiri.

To help you find out some answers in a quick way, you may get the instant answer to some general questions here at FAQs, and for further information don’t hesitate to contact us via phone at +62 21 2336 1874 or +62 21 5423 1398 email at info@rahuartamandiri.com.

Thank you very much for your attention to Rahu Arta Mandiri.

What is Rahu Arta Mandiri?

Rahu Arta Mandiri is an Indonesia-based company established in 2007.  The company’s main objective is to produce aircraft seat covers for both commercial and private aircraft.

Subsequently, in 2013 Rahu Arta Mandiri was officially confirmed as Approved Maintenance Organization by DGCA Indonesia with registers number 145D/899. As Approved Maintenance Organization Rahu Arta Mandiri expands the capability to do: Repair, Refurbishment, and Routine Maintenance of aircraft interior, also doing Minor Modification of cabin, cockpit panels and cargo compartment.

Since 2014 Rahu Arta Mandiri being a major partner of big domestic and international airlines and MRO, such as Air Asia,Ayyappan Enterprises Singapore, Fly Baqdad, Iraqi Airways, Kabo Air, KAM Air, Max Air, Sriwijaya Airlines Group, Travira Air, and some others.

Now Rahu Arta Mandiri keeps growing and will always be the best choice  for maintaining your aircraft cabin keep clean and comfort with high-level safety.


Be a leader in the Aircraft Cabin Services solutions in Indonesia with empowering the collaborative approach that gives benefits for life based on needs.


  • Optimizing the key strategic potential of Indonesia’s business environment through technology and innovation,
  • Creating synergy in our business,
  • Developing the human sources continuously,
  • Expand our business area and develop service and technology products,

Having integrity and commitment to quality, health, and safety environment.

Why should Rahu Arta Mandiri?

These are the reason to choosing Rahu Arta Mandiri;

  1. Our experience is more than 10 years in aircraft interior maintenance,
  2. Safety and aesthetic are our values,
  3. We serve global customers with a global supporting network,
  4. Reasonable price,
  5. Your customer satisfaction is also our top priority,

The friendly and mutually beneficial business relationship.

How to connect with Rahu Arta Mandiri?

There are some options for connecting with us, such as:

  1. Call us at +62 21 2336 1874 or +62 21 5423 1398,
  2. Email us at info@rahuartamandiri.com for all information about Rahu Arta Mandiri or marketing@rahuartamandiri.com for any inquiries about our services and products,
  3. Visit our website at rahuartamandiri.com and drop inquiries,
  4. Direct visit to our office and workshop.

What is the payment policy at Rahu Arta Mandiri?

Rahu Arta Mandiri’s payment policies are:

  1. Full advance payment for new customers,
  2. 50% advance payment and 50% after services or products deliver, with Rahu Arta Mandiri consideration,
  3. Specified period of invoice dates such as 14 days, 30 days until 90 days for regular customers and customers with long-term contracts, with Rahu Arta Mandiri consideration.
  4. According to a mutually beneficial agreement based on a business contract.

This payment policy is fully determined by Rahu Arta Mandiri base on Rahu Arta Mandiri’s consideration of each customer.

Is it possible for Rahu Arta Mandiri’s customers to get a credit limit?

Rahu Arta Mandiri may give a limited credit to the selected customer that fulfills some conditions, such as; the customer with a long-term period contract, a regular customer with regular orders, and the customer with a very good payment record.  Rahu Arta Mandiri’s  decision is absolute and cannot be contested.

What is the warranty policy for Rahu Arta Mandiri’s services and product?

Rahu Arta Mandiri provide a warranty on the services and products sold as a guarantee of the quality of Rahu Arta Mandiri’s services and product.  Warranty is given base on the type of services and products proportionally;

  1. Guarantee the rework of work that is defective or does not meet the standard set by Rahu Arta Mandiri,
  2. Guarantee the replacement of non-standard products,

Gurantee the results of the work within a certain period of time, both in terms of flight hours and calendar.

Do Rahu Arta Mandiri pay taxes?

Yes, we do.

Rahu Arta Mandiri is registered as a taxpayer company with a taxpayer identification number as bellow:


NPWP Number   : 31.616.772.5-418.000

Company Name  : PT. Rahu Arta Mandiri

Address              : KP. Kedung Jaya RT002 RW 006

Babakan Asem – Teluknaga

Tangerang – Banten

Where do customers make payments to Rahu Arta Mandiri?

Payments to Rahu Arta Mandiri can be made by transfer to the bank account number listed on the invoice issued by Rahu Arta Mandiri.

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